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BEFORE you decide to surrender your dog to the shelter, please consider all other options first.

If you are thinking about giving up your dog because of housing issues, financial issues, behavior problems or because you can't afford dog food, there are many resources available that may help you keep your dog! 614-525-5442

Please call 614-525-5581 to make an appointment if you want to surrender your dog. There is a $10 fee to surrender your dog. Click here for more information.

Before you surrender your dog, please understand that there are several reasons why a dog may not be suitable for adoption. A dog that behaved well in your home may react very differently in a large dog shelter. It is not unusual for dogs to experience high stress levels upon entering a shelter. For some dogs this heightened stress persists or even increases over time. If during the behavioral evaluation given at intake, the dog displays dog or human aggression, it may be unsuitable for adoption or rescue. Humane euthanasia may be the only other option. A medical evaluation of your dog may turn up a condition that requires ongoing veterinary care beyond what the shelter can provide.

We will make every effort to find a loving, responsible new home for all dogs that are healthy, friendly and adoptable. Unadoptable dogs that fail to pass assessments may be euthanized or may be considered for rescue.


Kevin L. Boyce President
Marilyn Brown
John O'Grady