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Outside Dogs

Although most people now keep dogs inside, there are some people who still keep dogs "outside" vs. inside the home. Dogs are generally happier, healthier and much safer when they live indoors with the rest of the family.

Why are dogs happier inside?

Dogs enjoy our company as much as we enjoy theirs. They are usually happiest doing whatever it is you happen to be doing - talking a walk, relaxing, playing in the backyard, going for a ride, watching television, or just napping at your feet by the computer.

Dogs kept outside all day and all night are often poorly socialized, especially if they are tied or chained out. They tend to be more territorial, more aggressive toward strangers and other dogs, and more likely to engage in nuisance behaviors like barking and digging excessively. They are often bored, lonely and frustrated. Dogs can still be housebroken at any age!

Why are dogs healthier inside?

Outdoor dogs are at greater risk for heartworm disease, flea or tick infestations, heat exhaustion, fly strike on the ears and face, frostbite, dehydration or poisoning.

Additionally dogs tied out or living in a dog house away from regular human contact and attention may develop health problems that go unnoticed for several days.

Why are dogs safer inside?

Dogs left unsupervised outside are also more likely to escape, run off and get lost. By the time someone notices the dog is missing, it is often too late. They are more likely to be teased or injured by strangers, injured by wild animals or hit by a car. They are at greater risk of being stolen and sold for research or even used as dog-fighting bait.

Never leave your dog outside, unsupervised

Always keep your dog with you outside and give your dog a nice warm bed inside the house.

Kevin L. Boyce President
Marilyn Brown
John O'Grady