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Supplies & Services

We can always use canned or soft dog food and puppy food, puppy pads, cream cheese, creamy-style peanut butter and soft or chewy dog treats. For scout troops or classes interested in baking home-made dog treats, please choose from one of these recipes.

We can also use new or gently used leashes and collars.

When you clean out your closets save your old towels and blankets, old bedspreads, baby blankets, bath mats, washable rugs or crate pads for us. We can use them to make our dogs more comfortable!

Crates, pet carriers, shampoo, grooming tools, or any other dog related items.

Wish List

Kuranda dog beds

Washable dog beds

Toys and Kongs are always appreciated. Spending day after day in a cage can be really boring. Dogs love toys to break up the monotony & amuse them at playtime. Durable, interactive toys, like Kongs are great!

Cat trees and perches, toys, and treats for our shelter kitties.

Planned Giving & In Memoriam Gifts

Please contact us to learn more about larger donations.

Kevin L. Boyce President
Marilyn Brown
John O'Grady